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MAD,ONE has the goal of enabling cyclists of all genders to unleash their best on the road. With inspiration from the steep climbs of the Maritime Alps and World Tour experience of pro-cyclist Jakob Fuglsang, MAD,ONE designs innovative cycling kit that can handle the ever changing weather conditions the dedicated year-round cyclist meet.

The name MAD,ONE comes from the mythical climb to Col de la Madone. A famed training climb for pro's and amateurs alike. Given its steep gradients and length it is often called "the mad one". It's a climb that demands cyclists of all abilities to dig deep and keep pushing even when the lactate boils in the legs and lungs are burning. It requires a certain level of madness to reach the top.

As a pro rider Jakob Fuglsang is riding the Maritime Alps, and Col de la Madone, throughout the year - from summer heat to winter sleet. When pushing hard during intervals immense breathability is required from the kit but the moment the top of the climb has been reached the demands of the kit change as it also needs to keep you warm on the downhill. That combined with the often unpredictable and fast changing weather in the mountains, it requires cycling kit that is designed to be used for the most demanding rides in the most demanding conditions. All our products are tested in these conditions.

But we also acknowledge that great cycling kit is not just about function. Cycling is probably the most aesthetic of all sports. And we strive to create designs where there is a synergy between form and function - giving you both optimal look and performance.

Everything we do is to enable you to unleash yourself and become #themadone

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