In the world of cycling, the image of sleek, high-performance gear has long been associated predominantly with male athletes. However, MAD.ONE is challenging this status quo head-on. MAD.ONE co-founder Loulou Fuglsang, wife of professional cyclist and co-founder Jakob Fuglsang, is breaking barriers by prioritizing women's cycling apparel from the brand's inception.

From the very beginning, Loulou Fuglsang and the team at MAD.ONE have been resolute in their commitment to providing high-quality cycling clothing for individuals of all genders. 

Loulou Fuglsang's extensive personal experience as a cyclist and her further insight into the industry through Jakob's cycling career have been instrumental in shaping MAD.ONE's vision. Recognizing the lack of options available for female cyclists and the pervasive male-centric focus in the market, she saw an opportunity to fill a significant gap.

"I believe that cycling is for everyone," says Loulou. "Yet, for too long, women have been underserved and overlooked in the cycling apparel industry. And MAD.ONE aims to change that."

The brand's approach goes beyond simply offering "shrink it" versions of men's clothing. Instead, MAD.ONE designs each piece of apparel with careful consideration for the unique needs and preferences of cyclists. Whether it's jerseys, shorts, or accessories, every item is crafted to provide optimal comfort, performance, and style for all riders.

In a sport where every second counts and performance is paramount, MAD.ONE aims to prove that inclusivity and product excellence are not mutually exclusive.