MAD.ONE is born in racing and aims to empower cyclists of all genders to become their own number one.
Behind the brand is Danish World-Tour pro (and monument-winning) cyclist Jakob Fuglsang, who leverages his extensive cycling experience to design technical cycling clothing capable of handling the ever-changing conditions cyclists encounter when riding all terrains and all seasons. The combination of substantial experience and a "no-compromise" mindset has resulted in innovative cycling clothing crafted with exceptional attention to detail and features not found elsewhere.

As a professional rider, Jakob Fuglsang covers approximately 30,000 kilometers annually in training and racing. Regardless of the conditions, be it rain or shine, he rides. Testing kit every day for over 20 years has given him extensive knowledge about what works and what doesn't in cycling gear. Jakob has translated the experience of riding countless hours in all conditions into highly refined cycling kit, enabling cyclists to conquer their most demanding rides even in the toughest conditions.

The name MAD.ONE originates from one of Jakob's favorite climbs: the mythical ascent to Col de la Madone. It is a renowned training climb for pros and amateurs alike. Due to its steep gradients and length, it is often referred to as "the mad one." Conquering this demanding climb requires a certain level of madness and a willingness to push oneself a little further than what was deemed possible. If you gave it your all, you have become your own number one.

Watch Jakob explain MAD.ONE